Your renovation during the Covid-19 period


National Reconfinement of October 30, 2020: renovation work can continue. The government has decided to maintain the building's activity in accordance with the barrier gestures and health protocols in force.
This new confinement is indeed quite different from the first:
Craftsmen are explicitly authorized and even encouraged to continue the work
Materials distribution shops remain open.
Craftsmen have already been working for several months in strict compliance with the health protocol established by professional bodies.
The entire Top Solutions team and our partner craftsmen therefore remain mobilized to carry out your renovation work.
How? 'Or' What? Everyone's safety is our priority. Here's everything you need to know for your job in this time of Covid-19. This article is updated regularly.


Estimate the amount of your work

Our experts adapt to your situation to continue to provide a quick and simple response. Your free estimate can thus be made on the basis of a remote visit or an on-site visit by an expert when possible:
On site: Top Solutions works experts will come and meet you at the location of the property to be renovated, in compliance with strict health rules to guarantee everyone's safety.
Remotely: the works expert organizes a video call to carry out a virtual visit. With your agreement, this visit can be recorded to facilitate the estimation of the work by the expert. It can be completed with plans and photos.


Plan your work with the best craftsman


 Top Solutions team selects only the best craftsman to do their job. The entire Top Solutions team is familiar with the sanitary recommendations. They undertake to respect the rules defined by the authorities (available on the BOE website).
The team travels safely to establish with you the final budget and plan the start of the work. If the sanitary conditions cannot be met, a remote visit can be organized with the site expert, the craftsman and you.


Carry out your work in complete safety


Your Property reform can start now and your team of experts will ensure the smooth running of your project with you. Top Solutions signs a health measures checklist with the team. This list proposed by the authorities and makes it possible to confirm that all the equipment and that the site is suitable for working in compliance with sanitary measures.


Barrier gestures


The organization of remote visits and site monitoring through the WhatsApp and emails conversations set up with Top Solutions experts allows you to limit travel and exposure risks. However, when meetings are held on site, it is imperative to limit health risks:
Limit the number of people attending site meetings to what is strictly necessary.
Please note the obstacles and recommendations below on each visit.